JLJ Spiritual Healing is open by appointment only.

Please email heatherkeay@jljhealing.com to book a session.  

Energy Healing Session (Reiki/IET) in person or long distance


Aura Clearings/Chakra Balancing/Crystal Clearings


Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching

(phone or in person)


Mediumship Healing Sessions in person or long distance

$50 pp (group session)

$100 private session

​(each session runs approximately 60 mins)


What to expect during your healing session with Heather Keay

I combine my mediumship healing abilities with my physical mediumship abilities during all my readings. I combine some or all of these tools during a mediumship healing session. Spirit lets me know which tools to use moments before the session begins. During most sessions I have the ability of transferring your loved one's healing energy on to you which allows you to feel a hug, the holding of your hand, or a strong vibration through your entire body. Physical mediumship is incorporated in every reading even if it is just me holding a pen and a notebook. I prefer to do all healings face to face but phone readings and long-distance healings are a service I offer as well.

I can pickup on a person's energy over the phone and through email, so if I do not feel I am the correct healer for you, I will let you know and will refer you to another gifted healing practitioner in the area.  


* Please note, as a mother of three scheduled session dates may be subject to change.

   Thank you in advance for your patience. 


JLJ Spiritual Healing