JLJ Spiritual Healing

JLJ Spiritual Healing is open by appointment only.

Heather Keay founder of JLJ Spiritual Healing is excited to announce that she has hired Amy Milewski as office manager.  Amy will handle scheduling and communications for both centers located in Norwell and Duxbury. We are excited to add Amy to the team, she is looking forward to assisting our clients and healers.  Please contact Amy to schedule all readings and healing work as well as signups for all classes and events.  

Amy Milewski           

Energy Healing Session (Reiki/IET) in person or long distance


Aura Clearings/Chakra Balancing/Crystal Clearings


Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching

(phone or in person)


Mediumship Healing Sessions in person or long distance



What to expect during your healing session with Heather Keay

I combine my mediumship healing abilities with my physical mediumship abilities during all my readings. During most sessions I have the ability of transferring your loved one's healing energy on to you which allows you to feel a hug, the holding of your hand, or a strong vibration through your entire body. Physical mediumship is incorporated in every reading even if it is just me holding a pen and a notebook. I prefer to do all healings face to face but phone readings and long-distance healings are a service I offer as well.

I can pickup on a person's energy over the phone and through email, so if I do not feel I am the correct healer for you, I will let you know and will refer you to another gifted healing practitioner in the area.  


* Please note, as a mother of three scheduled session dates may be subject to change.

   Thank you in advance for your patience.