JLJ Spiritual Healing

My family and I have had the pleasure and rewarding opportunities through the gifts of Heather at JLJ Spiritual Healing. From participating in the open house events, free Reiki share nights, individual sessions along with viewing her wonderful Angel photos; purchasing some pendulums to help us along the way; it has been a great experience. We've always feel important, invited in, been treated with kindness, real interactions with straightforwardness along with humor. The energy of Heather puts you immediately at ease and there is no need of fear, or judgment; which to me is so important - hard to let go of what "ails" you if you feel you are being judged.  She is there to help guide you, help you along life's path, open your eyes to more than you can virtually see and helps you open up to see,  hear, be more aware, and get a clearer understanding of life and why you are here and where you are going.  Her approach is real, no drama, hocus pocus...she is enthusiastic in her gift and shares that with you. I've experienced Reiki with her and members of her group - again each providing their skill with love and kindness.  You leave tired, yet refreshed and renewed, somehow "lighter" both in body and soul;  from the various experiences.  You may laugh, cry, feel the energy move around you all with the feeling that you are safe and surrounded by love. My husband participated in a aura reiki cleansing in which they clear the negative energy that was attached to him.  He had been suffering with a sore toe every now and again.   A lot of energy was moving around his body.  He experienced the energy literally going out that toe and has not had any trouble with that toe ever since. With the table tipping his Aunt came through...he knew it was her based on the information Heather shared on his aunt's behalf specific events that only he and his aunt knew  even to the extent of her mannerism with the response.   Additionally my dad came through which was wonderful and reassuring to both of us.  There is a saying...along these lines... the lesson will be clear when the student is ready to learn...in the case of Heather and her gifts you will hear, witness, feel, and experience.  We believe that Heather has a true gift of Spirit and that it is her gift to share and enlighten with others.  I feel that our lives have been enhanced and continue to be enhanced each time we go there or talk with Heather. We look forward to visiting her at her new location and experience more of the Spirit that she has to share with me, our family, and friends.  - Maureen and family

So many amazing experiences with Heather, she is incredible! Most recent validation was a few weeks ago.  Talking with Heather on the phone just catching up.  Well guess who joined us?  My dad! I instantly got goosebumps all over even on my knees!

He asked through Heather, for me to put my hand out, within seconds my hand felt heavy, my fingers curled, my daddy was holding my hand!!!! Then he was asking about a red hat.  My dad didn't wear hats much so I was really confused, until I turned around and guess what was on my kitchen, where it doesn't belong?  A red baseball hat!!  Tears start streaming down my cheeks!!!  AMAZING VALIDATION!! - Jenn

You have brought me so much joy and happiness with your messages. I feel so comfortable and safe when visiting your studio! Thank you for sharing your gift with me and giving me so much peace. – Cassie

Heather's guidance, generosity, and kindness is simply unparalleled. She shares her divine gifts selflessly and is a true healer through and through. - Moura

From the moment I met Heather I knew there was something special about her. When I had a reading with her my thoughts were confirmed! She is so connected with the Angels and so accurate. I really felt like spirit was present when I met with her. She is humble, warm, kind and thoughtful. A reading with Heather is an opportunity you will not want to miss! - Sara

Heather provides a safe, supportive and loving place to connect with loved ones who are in spirit. Heather is a beautiful person with a very special gift. With her integrity and understanding, she is able to communicate light, love, and great comfort. - Stephanie 

I would like to say thank you for my messages.  It moved me to tears.  This was the best gift anyone could have given me. - Grace

I wanted to say thank you for sharing all you have seen about my mother with me.  Amazing, blessed and peace are only a few of the ways I felt after your reading.  You have such a gift and I am beyond grateful that you shared your gift with me. - Jennifer

I wanted to say thank you again.  Will and Nick were amazed and everything you said was true.  - Monique

Thank you so much Heather.  Everything was so accurate. - Marylou

Thank you for sharing your gift with me, its truly amazing.  - Jane

Words alone will never be able to thank you for the gratitude and sense of peace that came from table and your messages. You are an angel. - Linda 

Thank you Heather! Your gift is precious and incredibly real!!! I have been feeling and seeing so much since our session on Friday. - Maureen 

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you, as you have opened connections to spirit for me that I never thought possible.  And because of your healing gifts, guidance, and pure integrity, I know that I’m never walking alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…you are truly a blessing. - Pam