Thurday, May 24th - Hingham Location 


7-9 pm


Thursday, May 24, 2018 from 7-9 pm@ JLJ HEALING at the WatersEdge, 334 Rockland Street, Hingham, MA. Join Parashakti Jill Jardine, Instructor of Sanskrit Mantra, when she leads the group in chanting the powerful sacred sounds of Sanskrit mantra. Chanting in a group amplifies the energy and benefits of mantra. Participants will experience profound healing from the sound frequencies created by the mantras. We will chant to remove obstacles, bring in peace, prosperity, healing, love, and to enhance personal and planetary evolution. No experience necessary. Fee: $20


Saturday, June 9th - Hingham Location 

Alchemy 101 with Jasmin Heffernan




Jasmine is a gifted Alchemy Teacher, Intuitive and Inspirational Life Coach and Metaphysical Writer. Her work in the field has often had profound impacts on her clients and students. She has a teaching style that allows even a novice to understand and benefit from the information and tools she shares in her workshops.

Come learn the fundamental tools necessary to navigate these changing and sometimes challenging times!
Learn powerful new ways to use the The Rose
Review and Practice taking on and off The Grounding cord
Learn how to Run Energy
Get Acquainted with The Violet Flame
Practice Aura Protection Exercises
Review the Law of Attraction from Alchemical Perspective
Gain a better understanding of different Dimensions and how you are operating in them
All of these tools are invaluable for helping you manage your energy in your daily life. Choose rather than react. These tools will also assist you when going into a deeper process of self discovery to Know your True Self.

Registration is Required 


Please feel free to call Jasmine at 781-952-8059 with any questions or clarifications.

Register at: or email Heather at or register at


Sunday, June 10th - Hingham Location

Releasing Your Fears Workshop with Heather Keay
5-6:30 pm

We all have a built-in security system in the Spirit World. These individuals are called your Spirit Guides. Once given permission they will protect you from any harm. The media's portrayal of the spirit world is not as it seems.  Most of what you see on the television is sensationalized - for ratings and excitement purposes. Connecting to your spirit guides and the spirit world is a beautiful thing and is nothing to fear. Join me in this hands-on workshop and learn to set spirit boundaries along with setting positive intentions to help you open up and trust your spirit team. 

Each student will receive messages from Spirit and a journal.  ​


Thursday, June 14th Hingham Location 

7-9 pm


Join Parashakti Jill Jardine, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, as she teaches energy exercises named Kundalini Kriyas, and mantras to enhance prosperity and well-being. This practice is easy to perform, and no experience is necessary. Then participants will enjoy a Gong Bath sound healing, performed by Mary Bonner, experienced gong practitioner. Participants will lie on their yoga mats to receive the healing vibrations of the gong. Sound Healing is an enjoyable and powerful healing modality, with wonderful benefits. Fee: $25


Photography Exhibition by Laurie Wenham 

​Saturday, June 23rd - Hingham location

4-6 pm

Free Event

​Come enjoy looking at some beautiful photography by the very talented and gifted photographer Laurie Wenham. Light appetizers and beverages will be served. This is a free event.

Laurie Wenham Photography
cell: 617-290-1629
On Instagram and Facebook: Laurie Wenham

I grew up in Duxbury MA with an amazing ocean backdrop and I cannot seem to imagine a life without being around the ocean on a regular basis.  Another thing that has also become clear is my love for the sun.  I used to love spending days at the beach, so much so that I ended up with Melanoma skin cancer and I had to then stay out of the sun.  I now have curbed my sun exposure to be during the morning and evening hours when it is healthy for me to be out there capturing all the beauty around me.  I seem to view the world through a different lens now that I realize how lucky I am to still be here each day.  So grateful!  


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